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Listen to 'Love, Blues' (6-song EP)

Read a review HERE: '‘Love, Blues’ is a collection of stripped down, raw, and passionate tunes. I really respect the natural, not so refined sound of this. It’s the way the blues were meant to be heard...' - RedLine Roots blog

Released 2/13/14
Recorded in Brian's living room on 4-track cassette
All songs written and played by Brian Dolzani (Heart Hospital/SESAC)

Listen to 'If I Don't Speak A Word...' (Full LP)

released October 2012
All songs written by Brian Dolzani (Heart Hospital/SESAC)
Produced + mixed by Neilson Hubbard
Recorded at Mr. Lemons, Nashville, TN between June ‘11 and June ’12

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Watch 'Broken' in intimate living room video